UACRR sees record increase in annual royalty collections in 2017

Ukrainian Agency of Copyright and Related Rights (UACRR) ended 2017 with the biggest annual increase in royalty collections in its history. UACRR achieved a record collections level amounting to UAH 62 million, increasing by 25% year on year. In 2016, collections increased 22%. UACRR continues to show strong results despite difficult conditions due to a lack of collective management regulation in the country where 19 CMOs are allowed to operate. UACRR accounts for approximately 70% of total royalty collections in Ukraine.

Major live event licencing, including in cooperation with sister societies, was one of the contributing factors. Among the largest royalty payment amounts for live events were those attributed to the concerts of Depeche Mode and Sting. In 2017, UACRR also licenced Eurovision in Kyiv as well as signed an agreement with the major media holding company “1+1”,which was heralded as a huge breakthrough and contributed to the royalty collections growth as well.

UACRR underlines the importance of CISAC’s continued support and cooperation throughout 2017. CISAC works to promote proper legal frameworks in Ukraine that seek to eliminate collective management chaos that has damaged the interests of both Ukrainian and international rights holders for years. Proper legislative collective management regulation will allow legitimate collective management organisations, including UACRR, to duly protect the rights and interests of more than 4 million creators from all over the world.

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